The man and the mirror

The man and the mirror 

Mohsen stared at the mirror every day. A full-length mirror hanged on the opposite damp wall. The mirror that he has seen his faded compextion for years.

 It was known to the family as the " frame". Frames reluctant and involuntary M. damp spot on the wall hung a rusty nail. Who knew. Perhaps the only hope pore collapse was not a nail in the wall to Kalbdsh undermines any moment.

Mirror of the soul and companion. And then, every moment of his life was over. Birth, School, Military, and his wedding, his wife ...

Only moments earlier disgust inducing moments ornaments Dvzkhay had to buy a small house, but little by little daughter was also added to the stock. His eyes are dark and dusty ornaments with any man would rain inside the picture frame. Rain showers turning to dust the glass to adding glasses.

Nights All the lights were even rusted chandelier lamp over the years had not passed through the frame. All evils were shown the room, cracking ceilings, walls and even a wrinkled Stripe father is still a few years later departure.

She rushes into the room, followed by lace scarf. Following the mirror of the woman.Stood in front of the mirror, behind the man.

- Thanked God, one will find that ...

- Mom's heart? While he arranged his robes to frame her face said:

- The Frames Look Daddy! Ykbarm Qabshv still not clean, why not?

- Oh By the way, I Ydh days.

- Made up of the following Kdrsh Rvzarv Nbynh this??

I told my wife murmured:

- What?? Be polite way in front of the guests.

Then the white tents were removed. Likewise a few nights later. More lights were bright, even light fixtures were also replaced. The woman behind the man sneaking glances into the reception guests will not last. A man entered the room Nights:

- M. Agha Ayshvnn? How Kdrh? Front of the frame to frame dies.

- No, no. Do not sweat it.

And she said it herself:

- On Josh is not here.

--- But much to his father singing, especially in His eyes.

- Did he Ynkay Chshmhashv bottom of the frame around the Astkany and see it?

- Quite obvious. She went to the front of the frame, let me see, what I see Mnkh. He mumbled:

--- Have little trouble doing. So go out to dinner ready.

She entered the room at midnight. Old ring off his finger. Said to himself:

- That is like me? Ngahash of course.

Inside the box was a ring. Came into the frame. But look back now and receive the throw. Lvstrra off. Frames grabbed from the wall. Opened the last drawer chest of drawers. Looked around the room. Lay a thick scarf wrapped frame drawer Chpand domestic appliances. Black spots on the picture frame on the wall and wiped with a cloth. She took a deep breath. Sleep came a few minutes later.

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